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RMS is an excellent resource for liquidating excess inventory and recovering your assets quickly and efficiently! We purchase material that is excess to your needs, surplus on your project sites, or simply identified as dead stock. We also purchase product which you cannot accept as a return directly from your customer. RMS frequently offers bids for these returns and we encourage the use of this resource to effortlessly negotiate your customer’s returns without affecting your bottom line. We are ready to bid on both large and small lots to assist you in reducing your inventory while quickly recovering your assets in a smooth and easy transaction.

At RMS, we only purchase new material. While our preference is to purchase in original factory packaging, we also purchase out of box material in good saleable condition. We are also interested in obsolete stock. Our line card, as shown on our home page, details a list of the product lines which we are interested in purchasing. We do not buy used or damaged material. Contact us with your:

  • Construction project over-runs. Whether it's a box, pallet, or trailer full of material remaining, we are interested in buying it.
  • Non-returnable stock. If the manufacturer will not accept your customer's return, contact RMS to liquidate it.
  • Manufacturer returns. We are interested in bidding on these returns, often times you or your customer can realize a better return on your assets than returning it to the manufacturer after their restocking fees..
  • Slow moving or dead stock. Have you held inventory or found stock which is unnecessarily taking up your resources? Let us help you move it quickly!
  • Store Closures Are you closing a branch or down-sizing? We can help you quickly liquidate your inventory.
  • Discontinued product lines. Has your store discontinued a product line and have shelves full of product remaining? Call us to quickly liquidate it.

Our purchasing team welcomes the opportunity to bid on any material which you have available for liquidation. Please contact our Purchasing Department via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at (713) 236-1200. Our experienced team will work with you closely to provide the best possible price for your excess assets!


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